Guest Appearance – Escape Pod #486: Blight

by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
read by Christiana Ellis

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Death Traps – A short story by Christiana Ellis

In the Summer of 2010, my good friend Jared Axelrod asked me if I was interested in writing a story featuring Dr. Mercury, a marvelous super-villian created (or perhaps just discovered?) by his lovely wife J.R. Blackwell. The story would be part of a collection, offered as a birthday gift to her. I seized the opportunity, but what kind of story to write? After considering and rejecting several ideas, I eventually decided to try merging Dr. Mercury with a preexisting story idea I had about a super-villain engineer. The result turned out far different, (and far better!), than I’d ever imagined.

Dr. Mercury - A Spirit of Chaos

So here is the result: “Death Traps” written and read by Christiana Ellis, character of Dr. Mercury created by JR Blackwell.

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“Staying In Sync” – Guest Story for Nobilis Erotica

Hey everybody!

Nobilis asked me to be a guest host/author for his podcast, Nobilis Erotica!

I wrote this story, called “Staying in Sync”, but be warned, it IS explicit, so just be sure that you are of age, and enjoy that sort of thing before listening. Thanks!

But, assuming you do enjoy this sort of thing, then why not head over to Nobilis’s site and check out some of his work! He’s got tons of great content.

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7th Son Obsidian: “The Goodbye Party” by Christiana Ellis

Here is the story that I wrote for JC Hutchins‘ amazing 7th Son: Obsidian project. I was extremely happy to be asked to contribute, and I hope that you all enjoy the result!


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