Five More Minutes – 21Jan17

I’m going to the Boston Women’s March today.

Five More Minutes – 20Jan17

Somber thoughts on Inauguration Day.

So Many Levels: A D&D Podcast – Episode 11 (Video)

Real Play Dungeons and Dragons with Christiana Ellis, Jared Axelrod, Starla Huchton, Chooch Schubert and Vivid Muse! The party begins their journey North, with a few hurdles along the way.

Five More Minutes – 19Jan17

Pushing past the first hurdles… Or jumping them maybe?

Five More Minutes – 18Jan17

Not getting less healthy.

Five More Minutes – 17Jan17

I review “Hidden Figures”.

Five More Minutes – 16Jan17

Monitoring self-trends.

Five More Minutes – 15Jan17

Re-watch of Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2, Episode 1 – The Avatar State

Five More Minutes – 14Jan17

Girl Scout Cookie time!

So Many Levels: A D&D Podcast – Episode 10 – Get this Show on the Road

Christiana Ellis (DM), Jared Axelrod (Muugen the Magnificent), Chooch Schubert (Autarchy), Starla Huchton (Nirakina Ethu) and Vivid Muse (Amethyst) try to get their stories straight.

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