“Phyllis Esposito: Interdimensional Private Eye” – Available now!

My novel “Phyllis Esposito: Interdimensional Private Eye” is available for purchase as an eBook or in Print!

"Phyllis Esposito: Interdimensional Private Eye" by Christiana Ellis

People found, mysteries solved… In this universe or the next.

When you need someone found, you hire a detective. When that person is an elf from a parallel dimension, and on the run from killer robots, you hire Phyllis Esposito. Armed with an inquisitive mind and a cybernetic portal generator, Phyllis scours the multiverse, searching for the answers to life’s mysteries.

The ones that pay, anyway.

After taking a simple missing-brother job, she uncovers a massive conspiracy involving dwarven mafiosos, corrupted artificial intelligence, amoral sorceresses, and even U.F.O’s. With the entire multiverse under threat, Phyllis will have to confront enemies both new and old to crack the case.

Phyllis Esposito: Interdimensional Private-Eye is a noir-inspired detective story that explores a multiverse of science-fiction and fantasy, with a steadfast heroine solving mysteries across parallel dimensions, and within herself.

What started as an experiment in daily serialized fiction is now a full-fledged ebook, available for purchase now at Amazon.com!

Check out a free sample of the ebook version here!

Or you can check out the original serial version!

Check out the first installment here!

My Balticon 2012 Panel Schedule!

Saturday,  1:00 pm, (1 hour, 50 minutes) Derby

NM-47. Hubble Space Telescope Writing Contest, Funded by the Space Telescope Science Institute (New Media) A bigger, better, science focused writers challenge.

• 0 – 30 minutes — Here is the way the universe is: look it has green, hot hot hot clouds of gas that look like monsters, etc.

• 31- 90 minutes — Challenge! A panel of writers will write short stories about the green, monster shaped gas (each being given a brief plot idea like at Balticon last year).

• 91 – 110 minutes — Readings of the stories and voting on a winner.  If we get the grant, the writers would get paid, and the stories would appear in an activity book released at Balticon 47.

(M):  Pamela L. Gay, (S):  Nathan O. Lowell, Mur Lafferty, Scott Sigler, FDØ, Christiana M. Ellis, George Hrab


Saturday, 8:00 pm   (50 Minutes) (Derby)

NM-71. Beyond the Wall Live! (New Media)

A Game of Thrones Podcast presented by SpecFicMedia.com (M)  Chooch Schubert, (S) P.G. Holyfield, Christiana M. Ellis, Vivid Muse


Sunday, 9:00 am,   (50 minutes) (Garden Room)

R-53. The line between horror and paranormal fiction, and does it matter? (Readers)

Are these really two separate sub-genres or is that just nitpicking?

(M):   Christiana M. Ellis, (S):  T. C. McCarthy, David Wood, Paul Elard Cooley, Alan Zendel


Sunday,  2:00 pm   (50 Minutes) (Salon A)

F-17. Xenoarchaeology Road Show (Fan)

What will future archaeologists make of common 20th century household objects? Our panelists take their best guesses.

(M):  Jody Lynn Nye (Guest of Honor, (S):  Mark L. Van Name, Grig (Punkie) Larson, Christiana M. Ellis, John Hemry (Jack Campbell)


Sunday,  9:00 pm   (50 Minutes) (Chesapeake)

NM-41. A Spoonful of Sugar (New Media)

What movies would be improved with a re-cast and an XXX rating? What movies would be improved with a re-cast and an XXX rating? We’ve seen porno versions of good movies like Star Trek and Batman…but what about the bad ones? Our experts offer their suggestions.

(M):  Alex R. White, (S): Trish Wilson (Elizabeth Black), Christiana M. Ellis, Stephanie M. Burke

Extra Life 2010 24-Hour Videogame Marathon!

Hello everybody!

Today is the big day, and my sponsors have raised $672 for the Children’s Miracle Network. I am ASTOUNDED! Go you guys!

And it’s not too late to send a donation! Just make sure that you open this blog post and follow this link to MY Donation Page

Anyway, as the 24-hours progresses, I will be live-tweeting, and I will also be uploading pictures and video to my Flickr Feed Extra Life 2010 set.

I will also be recording audio, but that will be assembled and posted once I’ve gotten some sleep. That is also when you sponsors will get your bonuses!

Keep checking both those sites throughout the day, starting 8AM, October 16th through 8AM, October 17th! I’ll be playing videogames!

Sponsor Me for Extra Life – A 24-Hr Videogame Marathon for Charity!


UPDATE: For every $24 worth of pledges, I will do a new episode of Christiana’s Shallow Thoughts!!! Already at 14 new eps!

Hello everybody!

Christiana here. I’m here today because I have decided to participate in something really exciting and special. I’m talking about the Extra Life Charity Event. Started as a Community Charity Effort at The Sarcastic Gamer, Extra Life is a 24-hour Videogame Marathon, where all proceeds go to the Children’s Miracle Network. Each participant chooses a local hospital to receive all donations. I have chosen the Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center.

So here’s the plan. On October 16th, starting at 8AM, I am going to be playing videogames for 24-hours straight. The only time I won’t be in front of the TV with a controller, or at the computer is when I need a bathroom break, or I need to take Luna outside for HER bathroom break. Those are what iPhone games are for! I’ve got a big selection of games to choose from, all the way from classic NES titles to brand new PC and PS3 games. Throughout the day, I’ll be tweeting, as well as recording the occasional audio, picture, or video update, to keep you all informed.

So here’s where all of you come in. I need sponsors. I need people who are willing to donate at least $1 per hour, at $24 total, to help me support the Children’s Miracle Network. So of course it’s a good cause, but why should you sponsor me instead of just donating the money straight to them, or sponsoring someone else?

Well! I have prepared a short list of incentives, to encourage you!

If you are willing to pledge $24 ($1 per hour), you can choose one of the following options:

1. You can choose a half-hour period during the day to have me play any game you want from the list of games I have available. You can find the list below. Choose anything from that list, or any downloadable game or demo that I can get for free, and I will play it for at least 30 minutes of my twenty-four hours, and I will record 30minutes worth of audio commentary and review, to be posted after the marathon is done and I’ve had some sleep!

2. Choose a time, and any available game with online multiplayer capabilities, and I will play multiplayer with you for at least an hour. If there is no particular reason to stop, we could potentially play longer, but I guarantee at least an hour, at whatever time you choose. Of course, times are first-come, first-serve.

3. And if you don’t really care about videogames that much, if you choose, I will email you a special sneak-preview of the first chapter of my current work in progress, the sequel to Nina Kimberly the Merciless.

If you are willing to pledge $48 ($2 per hour), you can choose one of the following options:

1. Choose any two of the $1 options.

2. You can choose to have a character named after you in “Victory”, my science fiction novel, which is currently in the rewriting phase, and which I plan to podcast sometime in the second half of 2011.

If you are willing to donate $72 ($3 per hour), you can choose from the following:

1. Any combination of the $1 or $2 options.

2. An autographed copy of Nina Kimberly the Merciless

3. A Space Casey “Casey’s Cadets” Lapel Pin

I am also happy to announce that Brand Gamblin, creator of Calls for Cthulu and Tumbler, has offered to donate three mini-cthulu plush toys, which I will give away to three lucky random sponsors during the big day.

So there we have it! I hope I can count on your support! If you would like to sponsor me, simply find the link at the top of this post that says “Sponsor Me!”

Thanks everybody!

List of Available Games (M – Indicates multiplayer available):

PC Games
Civilization V (M)
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age: Awakenings
Left 4 Dead (M)
Left 4 Dead 2 (M)
Dead Space
World of Warcraft (M)

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Legend of Zelda
Snake Rattle and Roll
Metal Gear
Metal Gear 2: Snake’s Revenge

Super Nintentdo (SNES)
Super Metroid
Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Super Mario All-Stars

Resident Evil 4
Bomberman Generation
Mario Kart Double-Dash
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Super Mario Sunshine
Legend of Zelda: Wind-Waker

Metal Gear Solid
R-Types (R-Type 1&2)

Metal Gear Solid 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Shadow of the Colossus

3D Dot Game Heroes
Bioshock 2 (M)
Burtal Legend (M)
Demon’s Souls
Fallout 3
FIFA 11 (M)
Final Fantasy XIII
God of War III
Heavy Rain (with Playstation Move)
Little Big Planet (M)
Metal Gear Solid 4
Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time
Resistance 2
Sports Champions (with Playstation Move)
Uncharted 2 (M)
Valkyria Chronicles

Playstation Network
Super Stardust HD
LocoRoco Cocoreccho
Bionic Commando Rearmed (M)
Mega Man 9
Super Street Fighter 2 HD: Remix (M)
Noby Noby Boy
Worms (M)
Battlefield 1943
Bomberman Ultra (M)
Fat Princess (M)
Critter Crunch
Pixeljunk Shooter
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapters 1&2
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Nintendo DS
Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 1&2
Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Dragon Quest IX
MarioKart DS
Animal Crossing Wild World
Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
Harvest Moon DS
The World Ends with You
Final Fantasy IV
Castlevania Portrait of Ruin
Chrono Trigger
Rhythm Heaven
Cooking Mama
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Brain Age
Elite Beat Agents
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Pokemon Diamond

PROMO – Requiem of the Outcast

A monthly dose of sketch comedy from Christiana Ellis and Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit.  Check out the promo and then head to the website at http://www.requiemoftheoutcast.com

Or just subscribe!

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Pandemic Survival Kit!

This morning, I received a mysterious package on my doorstep. In this video, I investigate!

It’s all related to http://jointhecolony.com and J.C. Hutchins’s project #StillHere

Check them both out and protect yourself from the Nuclear Flu!

Merciless Storytellers Update!

Lots of news and new info regarding Merciless Storytellers and when you’ll be hearing the next episode, over at the Merciless Storytellers website!

Nina Wins Bronze SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Year from Foreward Magazine!

Check it out!

Foreword Magazine gives out an annual award for Independent Book Publishers, and I just learned today that my book, Nina Kimberly the Merciless, has won the Bronze award for Best SciFi/Fantasy book of the year!

Congratulations also to Gold Winner Chris A Jackson, whose book, Scimitar Moon, is also from Dragon Moon Press!

Talking About Survivor Temporary Delay

Christiana and Mike couldn’t record this week, but they hope to catch up soon. Sorry for the delay.

What’s this? Christiana-Themed T-Shirts?

It’s true. There is now a store where you can buy Space Casey T-Shirts, Nina Kimberly T-Shirts, and even Shallow Thoughts T-Shirts like this one:



I will be continuing to work on the store, adding new designs and such, but right now, I’m sleepy. Enjoy!

(P.S. Why, yes! This *IS* just in time for DragonCon!)

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