Requiem of the Outcast 0813: Dis-tropian Society


Dystopian Society.  Utopian Society. Information Society (it’s a band, look them up).  No one really knows what kind of society they’re in while they’re in it.  Just because you had a crappy day or the economy is bad, you may think you’re in a dystopian society when in fact you are in a Utopian Society like the Jetsons.  Except with people other than JUST WHITE PEOPLE.

Seriously. Go back and watch the Jetsons.  Only whities as far as the eye can see.

mmmm, I’d say that the Jetsons where actually very Dystopian. Way to white-wash the future both Hanna and Barbera!  Jerks.

RotO 0812: A Very RotO Christmas ‘10

It’s Christmas! We at RotO hope you have a great one.

We have 12 Angry Elves, The Noir Before Christmas, plus Brian Blessed as a Christmas Tree! What more could you want?

Besides the pony.

RotO 0811: Halloween Scary oooooooh boo

Our yearly Halloween episode is out! Yay!
We listen to the trouble of a couple vultures, a Tech Support from the future, a handful of More Than You Need To Know’s, and some other stuff I can’t remember right now. But you’ll find out if you listen. Happy Halloween! And yes, I did forget to add the closing credits to the ep, so here they are now.
Biscuit was the Titlest. The rest of the voices where done by Christiana and myself. 50/50 split on the writing.


RotO 0810: Dr. Spamlove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Web

Why is it episode 0810? Well, I wanted to mark that we were in our 8th season. Christiana wanted to keep the episode number of the V5 eps. And, it looks a little like we’ve just released our 810th episode. So we got that going for us. Which is, you know, nice.

Billy Flynn was the Radio DJ

Sam Zimmerman was Callers 1 & 3

Biscuit the Mighty Mighty as Caller 5

the Vicar as Youtube

PG Holyfield as Napster

Twitter was performed by Jett

Facebook starred The Flynnstress

George Hrab as Jim Stuart

Christiana Ellis was the Documentarian

Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit as the Internet

introducing Donald Pitsilads as Homestead and Caller 2

PG Holyfield was the titlest

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Requiem of the Outcast 0709: Superheroes

Superheroes. We’ve all grown up with them, either in comicbooks, novels, television, or movies. They’re great heroes here to swoop down and save us, all right?

Not always.

Enjoy this episode performed by such awesome folks as Billy Flynn, Kimi Alexandre, Alan Welch, SusanZ, and of course, Christiana Ellis and Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit.

Want more awesome Superhero goodness? Check out Meta Mediocrity by Geeklabel’s King Fish.

Requiem of the Outcast 0706 – Reality Bites

I’ve never been a fan of reality television. Yes, I know UberHost Christiana Ellis does a show based on Survivor, but I don’t look down on her for that.  Actually, I don’t think I could look down on her, given as she is a tremendously funnier writer than I am (you thought it’s because she’s an inch taller.  That’s hightest, you jerk).

And with the upcoming relaunch of Cinemafreaks, we felt skewering reality television might be fun.

RotO 0705: There’s a Bug on Your Shoulder

There isn’t. But it is April 1st, April fools Day.

This month we take a stab at tradition, St. Patties Day, April Fools throughout history, and have contributions by Nobilis, Mildred Cady, & Justin Lowmaster


RotO s07e03 Wibbly wobbly timey whimey

Time Travel can be fun, but can also be dangerous.  Especially when you don’t know who’s time traveling universe you are stuck in.