C2E111 – So Many Levels – C2 Episode 111 – Villanocta Villainy

We dip our toes back into D&D with a one-shot in the city-state of Villanocta.

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W100M – Mulholland Drive and Beau Travail (Podcast)

Christiana and Mike tackle a pair of challenging arty flicks from the Sight and Sound Top 100 – Mulholland Drive and Beau Travail.

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Five More Minutes – 03Feb22

Grand Budapest Friends

C2E44 – So Many Levels: Campaign 2 Episode 44: Slime and Ash (Podcast)

The Pocket Protectors experiment with a magical artifact to rid themselves of nightmarish corruption.

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Root04 – So Many Levels – Root RPG – Session 04 (Podcast)

Our noodle-haunted vagabonds return to Ironvein to throw a wrench in the Grand Duchy’s plans!

We’re playing Root: The RPG

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Five More Minutes – 31Mar21

Five More Minutes – 31Mar21 – Cloudy with a Chance of Moodiness

So Many Levels – OneShot: Metaquest! (Podcast)

Chooch takes the DM reins this week for a spooky one-shot!

Set of dice for fantasy RPG tabletop games. Cube and polyhedrons with numbers. Flat vector icons.

Five More Minutes – 01Nov20

A brief hiatus on the Rewatch Routine

Five More Minutes – 16Oct20

Slow Morning, Hades Credits and Voting

Five More Minutes – 11Oct20 -Rewatch of Legend of Korra S3E3 “The Earth Queen”

Rewatch of Legend of Korra S3E3 “The Earth Queen”

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