So Many Levels: Campaign 2 Episode 39 – Bids Please (Video)

The Pocket Protectors try to prize a magical key from an arcane auction!

Five More Minutes – 22Sep21

Allocation of Creative Energies

Five More Minutes – 21Sep21

Opening Windows, Stephen King, and Liking Gaming

Five More Minutes – 20Sep21

Deciding not to pig-wrestle and making maps

Watching 100 Movies – Big Trouble in Little China, and The Big Lebowski (Video)

Christiana and Mike discuss a pair of “old reliables”: movies that never fail to bring a smile.

So Many Levels – Ironsworn: Starforged Session 2 (Video)

The crew of the Relentless travel in search of a ancient alien vault.

Five More Minutes – 19Sep21

The Eternal Torment of Scheduling Leisure Activities

Five More Minutes – 18Sep21

I explore the depth and the limitations of a questline in Ghost of Tsushima.

Five More Minutes – 17Sep21

Final Thoughts on “The Forgotten City”

Five More Minutes – 16Sep21

Leaning to the Side and Allergy Medicine

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