Requiem of the Outcast 0813: Dis-tropian Society


Dystopian Society.  Utopian Society. Information Society (it’s a band, look them up).  No one really knows what kind of society they’re in while they’re in it.  Just because you had a crappy day or the economy is bad, you may think you’re in a dystopian society when in fact you are in a Utopian Society like the Jetsons.  Except with people other than JUST WHITE PEOPLE.

Seriously. Go back and watch the Jetsons.  Only whities as far as the eye can see.

mmmm, I’d say that the Jetsons where actually very Dystopian. Way to white-wash the future both Hanna and Barbera!  Jerks.

One Comment

  • TJGeezer says:

    You’re right on all kinds of counts, including how they cheapened everything with their simple, static backgrounds and character loops. On the other hand, you’re alive and they’re not. You win! (…and please don’t stop writing.)