Survivor Redemption Island Ep02

Christiana and Mike discuss the second episode of Survivor Redemption Island!


  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Hi Christiana and Mike

    I enjoyed the podcast though I’m surprised that both you and Mike missed Rob signaling Phillip who to vote for. You can see it happen starting around 38:30 in the Full Episode video at:

    First Rob taps Phillip arm to tell him to watch. Then he puts his right hand on Kristina’s shoulder. She is startled and quickly looks to her right to see who touched her; almost like how kids reach around and tap someone on the opposite shoulder to have them look that way. She eventually turns around and looks at Rob.

    MikeK from SoCal

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Forgot to mention that Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst did a pre-show interview where they explained the Redemption Island duels would be one-on-one.

    Here’s a part of that interview:

    A Dummies’ Guide to Survivor: Redemption Island

    “In episode one, one person is voted off,” Burnett explains, and is sent to Redemption Island, enduring the same deprivations and limited food rations they experienced at camp—except they are “completely lonely and alone.”

    Burnett goes on: “In episode two, another person is voted off,” to join the original castoff at R.I. “In episode three, [the first and second castoffs] compete in the first challenge of the episode, a face-to-face duel…The loser goes home, and the winner stays on Redemption Island” to fight the next castoff in another duel on week four. (That means our first Castaway exit interview won’t take place until March 3!)

    “Some” members (Burnett wouldn’t say how many, or how they are selected) of the tribes will have the opportunity to witness the one-on-one duel on Redemption Island, confronting firsthand the person they had a hand in voting out. “For the first time ever, we’ve got people who’ve been blindsided, kicked out, unwanted, and revengeful seeing those people who had a hand in it.” (Imagine Lex van den Berghe confronting Rob again after his infamous All-Stars betrayal.)

    “Technically [a Redemption Island castoff] could win head-to-head, one-on-one challenges week after week,” Burnett said. “If they can keep their energy and survive, technically that person could come back…and win the game.”

    When we asked Jeff Probst for more specifics about how and when a R.I. victor rejoins the others, he said, “We aren’t revealing everything about how Redemption Island will work in relation to people coming back into the game. But I can tell you that it works smoothly, and once you see how it plays out it will make perfect sense…on the surface it might seem confusing, but it’s not.”

  • Kathy Z says:

    Hey Christiana and Mike!

    On your last show, I thought you might be too hard on Ralph – specifically on the act of confronting Russell. Ralph made a comment that even if Russell finds another immunity idol, that he (Ralph) still has one. You made the assumption that there would only be one hidden, while Ralph assumed that there could be more than one. You’re probably right, but I don’t think Ralph was just gloating.
    But you were right on how he handled the confrontation – he was a little too adversarial. Still, I had a feeling that Ralph was a lot smarter than he was pretending for his tribe mates.

    But watching Episode 3’s tribal council, I decided that I might be giving Ralph too much credit. He wasn’t very well spoken. Maybe he needs to see Phillip’s speech therapist.

    And Stephanie – holy cow. Talk about not having any understanding of the social game. Way to antagonize EVERYONE.

    Once again, I’m in the office survivor pool. This time I have Stephanie and Russell, and I hope neither win.

  • Roxan says:

    Hey…this won’t be long because you have a lot above me. Just glad you are back and enjoying your insites!

  • paul says:

    MikeK from SoCal
    thank you for the video link,these are well worth a look everyone.