My Balticon 2012 Panel Schedule!

Saturday,  1:00 pm, (1 hour, 50 minutes) Derby

NM-47. Hubble Space Telescope Writing Contest, Funded by the Space Telescope Science Institute (New Media) A bigger, better, science focused writers challenge.

• 0 – 30 minutes — Here is the way the universe is: look it has green, hot hot hot clouds of gas that look like monsters, etc.

• 31- 90 minutes — Challenge! A panel of writers will write short stories about the green, monster shaped gas (each being given a brief plot idea like at Balticon last year).

• 91 – 110 minutes — Readings of the stories and voting on a winner.  If we get the grant, the writers would get paid, and the stories would appear in an activity book released at Balticon 47.

(M):  Pamela L. Gay, (S):  Nathan O. Lowell, Mur Lafferty, Scott Sigler, FDØ, Christiana M. Ellis, George Hrab


Saturday, 8:00 pm   (50 Minutes) (Derby)

NM-71. Beyond the Wall Live! (New Media)

A Game of Thrones Podcast presented by (M)  Chooch Schubert, (S) P.G. Holyfield, Christiana M. Ellis, Vivid Muse


Sunday, 9:00 am,   (50 minutes) (Garden Room)

R-53. The line between horror and paranormal fiction, and does it matter? (Readers)

Are these really two separate sub-genres or is that just nitpicking?

(M):   Christiana M. Ellis, (S):  T. C. McCarthy, David Wood, Paul Elard Cooley, Alan Zendel


Sunday,  2:00 pm   (50 Minutes) (Salon A)

F-17. Xenoarchaeology Road Show (Fan)

What will future archaeologists make of common 20th century household objects? Our panelists take their best guesses.

(M):  Jody Lynn Nye (Guest of Honor, (S):  Mark L. Van Name, Grig (Punkie) Larson, Christiana M. Ellis, John Hemry (Jack Campbell)


Sunday,  9:00 pm   (50 Minutes) (Chesapeake)

NM-41. A Spoonful of Sugar (New Media)

What movies would be improved with a re-cast and an XXX rating? What movies would be improved with a re-cast and an XXX rating? We’ve seen porno versions of good movies like Star Trek and Batman…but what about the bad ones? Our experts offer their suggestions.

(M):  Alex R. White, (S): Trish Wilson (Elizabeth Black), Christiana M. Ellis, Stephanie M. Burke

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