7th Son Obsidian: “The Goodbye Party” by Christiana Ellis

Here is the story that I wrote for JC Hutchins‘ amazing 7th Son: Obsidian project. I was extremely happy to be asked to contribute, and I hope that you all enjoy the result!



  • V says:

    Very nice!

  • Isaac says:

    Wow, Christiana, that was beautiful! I had only heard your comic work before (mainly Nina and Casey), so I didn’t know you could do serious like this.

    I don’t have any experience, thank God, with mental illness, so I don’t know how accurate your portrayal was, but it sure sounded convincing. I wonder if you have experience caring for someone so afflicted.

    The kindness and empathy exhibited by your characters made me cry. Judaism, which I practice, dedicates this time of year to introspection and self-improvement, and I am using your story as a tool in this endeavor. I am going to try to greet people with a little broader of a smile and a little more attention to what they need, remembering this story as inspiration. As you so effectively teach us, super kindness needn’t require super powers or apocalyptic calamity.