Death Traps – A short story by Christiana Ellis

In the Summer of 2010, my good friend Jared Axelrod asked me if I was interested in writing a story featuring Dr. Mercury, a marvelous super-villian created (or perhaps just discovered?) by his lovely wife J.R. Blackwell. The story would be part of a collection, offered as a birthday gift to her. I seized the opportunity, but what kind of story to write? After considering and rejecting several ideas, I eventually decided to try merging Dr. Mercury with a preexisting story idea I had about a super-villain engineer. The result turned out far different, (and far better!), than I’d ever imagined.

Dr. Mercury - A Spirit of Chaos

So here is the result: “Death Traps” written and read by Christiana Ellis, character of Dr. Mercury created by JR Blackwell.