Survivor Redemption Island Ep09

Christiana and Mike talk about the latest Survivor McDouble.


  • Don says:

    Good call in regards to Julie’s cold blooded comment. Because we all know if Russell had been the one to go on a Redemption Island run and get back into the game, the Ometepe 5 would have welcomed him back with open arms. They never would have considered voting out Russell, that would been as Julie would say just too cold blooded.

  • Valentine Mankey says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the podcast. We don’t have cable tv around here and over the air doesn’t work when you live in a lowspot in swampland. I can’t watch the show but I have fun listening to you two talking about it.

  • Don says:

    Based on the recent comments by Nigel and Valentine, I think you guys need a new tagline for your show.

    Talking About Survivor:
    The #1 Survivor Podcast For People That Don’t Watch Survivor