Talking About Survivor — Survivor 25 Ep02

Christiana and Mike discuss Episode 02 of Survivor Philippines.

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  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Hi Christiana and Mike

    Once again I am thoroughly enjoying your in depth analysis of Survivor Philippines! I got behind listening to your podcasts so I’m leaving feedback for your first 2 episodes here.

    I often learn some new fact, phrase, or word in your podcast. For instance: Portmanteau and Leeroy Jenkins. I had to look up both on Wikipedia:

    Oh and in Episode 1 podcast I was surprised Mike let Christiana getaway with saying that Zane “is not necessarily all that *Well Spoken* generally”. 😉 Is it okay to use “well spoken” in the negative or because Zane is White though he is a minority Southerner?

    The term “well spoken” was used a lot during One World. Kim (and others) said that Christina is “NOT very well spoken” so she considered taking Christina to the end. Kat and Troyzan said they were amazed at how “Very Well Spoken” Sabrina was in Tribal Council. Kim even called Chelsea “Well Spoken”. In one of Kim’s post show interviews she was asked “What would have been the reason why Sabrina would have won?”

    “I think Sabrina was incredibly well-spoken during Tribal Council and thought a lot more about that, her social game, than I did, because I sat at Tribal Council and tried to be incredibly quiet and didn’t want to be called out on a lot of stuff. So I think overall she ended up looking very well-spoken and diplomatic throughout the entire season.”

    I think most people use “well spoken” to describe anyone that is articulate, speaks well, fitly, or courteously. Oprah and Barack Obama are often called “well spoken”. It seems the bigoted connotation comes up mostly in the sporting world.

    Looking forward to your Ep3 podcast!

    “As-per-gers” MikeK from SoCal