Talking About Survivor – Survivor Philippines Ep03

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 03 of Survivor Philippines!

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  • David says:

    Christiana and Mike, enjoy the podcast and thought I’d write in just to share my thoughts on the complex thought process it took to make the most monumental decision of the season to date: Russell or Angie. 🙂

    My immediate thought was that Angie was the obvious choice to keep because she seemed to be close to Malcolm and would be a near automatic vote down the road. Plus, as far as tribes go, Matsing seems pretty much done. A shuffle or a tribe elimination has to be coming soon. But Angie is young and in need of mentoring and guidance on the show. (Which might have helped her BEFORE she went on the show.) But that fact might make her just young enough to NOT follow Denise or Malcolm’s advice and fall victum to any interogation she’s put under from either tribe. With the offer of just one cookie they’d have her believing that Malcolm and Denise were plotting against her and she’d be someone else’s pawn as soon as the next vote came around.

    On the other hand, Russell would be better to keep around if there were another tribal challenge, he’d be more loyal since he’d have a better understanding of the game and how to play it, and he does do more around camp, according to the edits. He’s also NOT a threat to find the hidden immunity idol since to our knowledge, he’s barely looked. I’m sure he’s looked more than the zero camera time given to his fruitless searching, but the fact that the idol was still sitting on the rice box when they went to their 3rd tribal council tells me he’s not even close to finding it or they would have teased us with that info. However, Russell is also smart enough to work out a new plan with whomever he’d be joining once a swap or shuffle came about. He’d have no alliance loyalties with Malcolm and Denise because as far as I’ve seen, they never agreed to one.

    I agree with Denise’s statement of “whatever gets me farther in the game”, and in the end, I believe they made the right decision. If they do get one more tribal challenge, and it looks like they do, they will more than likely need Russell’s muscle to help them along the task. If there is a puzzle, neither Russell nor Angie would be much help. So by keeping Russell, they get at least half a loyalty point for not voting him out, and maybe that might buy them half a point if Russell makes the jury or becomes a swing vote in deciding to keep or snuff out Denise or Malcolm.

    Thanks for reading, have a great day!

    David in Virginia
    (The second “D” in Survivor Talk with D & D)