Talking About Survivor – Survivor Philippines Ep01!

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 01 of Survivor Philippines, and Christiana is pretty sure she’s spelling Philippines right!


  • Barbara says:

    Hello! Christiana, on your latest podcast, you talked about a survivor who didn’t know the difference between looking and seeing. You then said it reminded you of something you’d seen recently, where the character said “you look but you do not see.” You even used a bit of an accent in highlighting it, but you couldn’t remember who it was.

    I believe you were channeling Syrio Forel instructing Arya Stark. Ah, just so!

    (I know you enjoy Game of Thrones as I listen to your other podcast from SpecFicMedia.)

    Anyway, Christiana and Mike, I enjoy your Survivor banter and the insights it provides. Thanks for all your work.

  • Frungi says:

    Caught a trivially minor error in this episode. Hold on, let me channel my inner Comic Book Guy. Ahem…
    I believe Zane’s tattoo depicted Frankenstein’s nameless monster and not Dr. Frankenstein himself. Frankenstein was the mad scientist who created the monster.