Talking About Stuff #160

A long overdue release with lots of dated conversation! Yay! Christiana and Mike talk about Fringe, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Tron Legacy, Inception, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Death Note.


  • Chivalrybean says:

    I’m pretty sure it was Dan Wells (I Am Not A Serial Killer (book), Writing Excuses (podcast)) who posted on Twitter that Tron was about man’s relationship with computers, and Tron: Legacy was about how cool Tron was. I tend to agree.

    I also think I like the remixed Tron Legacy soundtrack better than the original.

    Death Note sounds a whole lot more interesting now that I know it has an investigator trying to find him.

    I couldn’t finish the Airbender live action movie, and not because it didn’t follow the show well, but because it was just terrible. Saddy deathday.

  • CS says:

    Christiana, I think it is interesting that you start your podcast explaining that the fake science of Fridge was hard to stomach and finished by outlining your interest in Death Note.

    While I enjoy both I want to point out that Death Note suffers from fake logic. L (and relatives) continually make assumptions based less on logic and more on plot progression. For instance the idea the one person could not be behind the massive number of deaths is absurd. Much more probable that it IS a highly organized secret group or perhaps even aliens then one person with unknown means. L, to be sure, does not believe in paranormal reacting badly at even the suggestion of a “god of death”.

    Regardless both are great stories and most fiction requires some suspension of laws, be they physical or logical. Continue to enjoy!

    *PS sorry for the repost. I made a small grammar mistake with big consequences.