Survivor South Pacific Ep12

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 12 of Survivor South Pacific, and spend a little time on the recap show too.



  • I agree that Coach will win. He has definitely been playing better than he has before.

    (Typed before episode 13) Cochran has little chance of winning against Ozzy, but if he does it will one of those ‘wow’ moments in Survivor history.

    Finally: Brandon, I vote him most likely to skin another member of his tribe then use it to cover his ‘Hantz’ tattoos. #justsaying

  • Hayden Saunders says:

    You don’t need to read this out verbatim as even when i read it myself it doesn’t come across too well. Also I just couldn’t resist not using Dad and using “Russell Hantz Brother”

    Hey C+M

    Haven’t contributed for a while so I thought I would chime in with a couple of quick points.

    Did it not feel like Probst was fishing for Ozzy to let Lil’Hantz see his “Russell Hantz’s Brother” I think Ozzy could have gotten everyone on that reward if he left Brandons’ RHB till last.

    Albert – “One more”,
    Coach – “One more”,
    Sohpie – “One more”,
    Rick – “One more”,
    Edna – “One more”,
    Brandon – “FINALLY!”

    However RHB did deliver. I love the Hantz family they are so unhinged.

  • Hayden Saunders says:

    Oh I forgot my second point. With Cochran just leaving, I consider myself a pretty big survivor fan, but he has a buff collection. Going by that, I would have to think that Cochran is a listener. Have you guys considered this?