Survivor South Pacific Ep07

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 07 of Survivor South Pacific


  • Nigel says:

    Ho-Ly Mo-Ly!

    I cannot even wait until the episode is done to type this. I’m watching episode ‘Double Agent’ now. I’m at the part where Coach is telling Cochran that they simply don’t buy it.

    I actually didn’t get to see the previous episode. I only experienced it by hearing you guys discussing it. (I’m in Asia and my ability to watch each episode is not quite touch and go, but at times a bit encumbered. That’s fine with me. It was through your podcast that I was actually drawn to watch the show at all, so it’s kind of fitting for this to happen from time to time).

    Anyway, I’m watching Coach talk and I have to admit the guy has personal power. He seems like an archer who sets his eyes on a target and then pierces the intervening space with his mind before releasing the arrow.

    In this case, the intervening space is the other team’s ‘clever’ strategy. wow.

    Pretty much in ever case so far, I’ve wound up agreeing with your take on a given character or situation. At first, I thought or hoped that Brandon would be fascinating, but it didn’t take long for me to revise my view. Both of you pointed out that he was not as good at the social game as I might have assumed based on the initial one or two episodes. That turned out to be true in spades.


    Just feeling really impressed with Coach. I didn’t see the previous two seasons in which he appeared, so it’s only in your recollections that I’m encountering his previous incarnations.

    It would have been fascinating if Brandon had been who I thought he was; to provide a kind of wildcard counterpoint to Coach’s more consistent morality. But Coach remains a pretty interesting character to me.

    I was sorry to see Christine go. She played with heart. That’s never uninspiring. It’s a little annoying that she was ejected largely as a consequence of what will probably turn out to have been an ill-fated deception. But I suppose it would either have been her or Cochran. And I pretty much like Cochran best of all.

    (I think Cochran has the potential for Survivor immortality. All we need is a training montage. That’d pretty much cement it.)

    As always, thanks for your great conversations. Back to the show now.

  • Nigel says:

    err….hmmm….I suppose it may have been a little short-sighted to send over as a double-agent to the other tribe the person who you nearly kicked to the garbage dump a few minutes earlier.

  • Nigel says:

    ‘Don’t talk to him like that. That’s what you get for talking to people like that in the first place.’

    How can one not like Brandon a little bit after what he said at the tribal council?

    (We’ll borrow from Brandon’s playbook and overlook for the moment the fact that under slightly different circumstances, Brandon would be just as likely (probably more likely) to call someone a coward.)