Survivor South Pacific Ep 08

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 08 of Survivor South Pacific!


  • Nigel says:

    Firstly, welcome to Boston, Christiana! (Since I’m not there should I say ‘Welgone’?) Anyway, hope you really love your new locale.

    Comments on episode 9:

    There was one point at which I think Coach said of Ozzy ‘too little, too late’. I couldn’t help remembering how Ozzy had said the same thing about Cochran when about to vote him off several weeks ago.

    The thing is, even with all the spleen that was vented in this ep by Cochran’s former tribe-mates, ‘we saved you so many times’, I started to think of something.

    It’s actually arguable that Cochran created the opportunity that he just took. When he was treated as the weak, useless member of the tribe by his smirking mates, Cochran resolved to work his tail off to not be voted off. And he did just that.

    Despite everyone’s casual dismissal’s of Cochran as a person, I think that what lulled them into their subliminal presumptousness about Cochran’s loyalty may actually mostly have been how damned hard he worked to stay in their good graces. It occurs to me that on a psychological level it may have been pretty hard not to come to see him as the comfortable footstool he was forcing himself to be.

    I don’t expect my footstool to get up and smack me in the face when I put my (metaphorically, of course) ol’ smelly feet on it. I imagine I’d feel betrayed if it did.

    I suspect they assumed he could be used and not taken seriously.

    Will Cochran’s actions help the cause of outcasts everywhere? Probably not. But am I glad he did what he did? Pretty much.

    This is the odd point in the season at which desperate people start making weird character attacks.

    One I’d like to hear is: ‘You’re so dishonorable that you’d go onto a show where you have to vote off everyone you’d formed bonds with just for the chance of winning 1 million dollars! uhh…oh…wait a minute…’

  • Nigel says:

    Sorry for pulling a Cochran there. Didn’t intend to. It was a wordplay gone awry.

    At any rate, glad the move has been a good one.

    Love the show.