Survivor Nicaragua Ep12 – Talking About Survivor

Discussion of episode 12 of Survivor Nicaragua


  • Kathy Z says:

    “Both people that listen”? Like JP, I’m still here. 🙂

    I was really disappointed that Kelly left, but not disappointed about NaOnka. I think that’s because NaOnka was unpredictable the whole time.
    I really hoped that Holly would talk Kelly out of quitting. Although – even while watching it – I thought Holly was using the wrong tactic telling Kelly that it was only 11 more days. I think Kelly would have been better if Holly broke it down into little amounts of time – “Come on, Kelly. You can make it two more days. Just promise me you’ll stick it out two more days.”
    Also – if you remember Jimmy Johnson talking Holly out of quitting – afterwards he said she’d want to quit again; once a quitter, always a quitter. Guess he misjudged that one.

  • Shoey says:


    I’m not sure if Sash’s strategy is good. Sure he seems to be in control and everyone trusts him, but what happens when he votes them out.
    He needs to make sure that they don’t become upset with him.

    His next move should be vote out Chase, Jane or Holly. That way he would have a better chance of getting to the final three. Problem is both Jane and Chase are very emotional players.

  • Shoey says:

    Hey again,

    I think Sash should have gone with Benry, Dan and Fabio because they flipped on each other quite easily.

    Also this episode we found out Probst isn’t good at puzzles and doesn’t like hugs from people covered in mud.

  • Really enjoy these and can’t get enough of them. Even though holly stole dan’s shoes(which i hated her for it) i want her to win BADLY