Survivor Nicaragua Ep 01

Christiana and Mike discuss ep 1 of Survivor Nicaragua!


  • You’re podcasts are wonderful in MHO. I really like the survivor series tho I have only seen one of the actual shows on tv ( our small (ie rinkydink) just turned from wireless to cable co. only has 5 channels so I don’t see much tv. None the less you make the show sound interesting and if I ever can watch it I will. Till then I will follow it threw you. I also wanted to let you know I can’t download the Suvivor Nigaragua 01 with either my podcatcher or from the site. Help I’m jonesing (ya I’m old)

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Christiana and Mike: Loved your episode 1 analysis!! It is funny that in a CBS extra clip Brenda says she was a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins when Jimmy J. was coach and yet Jimmy J. tells Brenda after winning the MOP “I don’t even know your name!”

    A couple comments…

    Holly puts sand into Dan’s shoes not Sash; Sash in on the other tribe.

    New survivalist show on Discovery is “Dual Survivor” and the bare foot guy is Cody Lundin though my favorite new one is “Man, Woman, Wild” (and Christiana I also am watching The Colony Season 2 and watched Season 1 too but both are kind of ridiculous)

    Mike: Every season (including this one) of Survivor is available at:

    And this user channel is posting CBS Reality Shows including Survivor 21 in HD:

    Of course you could also buy a iTunes Season Pass for $30 and watch it that way. That’s how my friend in Japan watches.

  • Shoey says:

    Great first podcast guys.
    I have a few short comments about the newest episode.

    In the opening credits Jud’s name appeared as Fabio. I found this interesting because in the first episode opener his name appeared as Jud. I can’t think of any other season that a contestants name has been changed. This makes me think that he is going to stay in the game for a while.
    Also the song played over the credits is the same one used in Survivor Borneo (the first season). I’m not sure if this is Survivor paying homage to the first season or Russ Landau (the composer of the credits) not making any new openers.

    Do you think La Flor voting out Shannon this early on in the game will affect their chances of winning immunity? Although they do have the MoP (Medallion of Power) and will probably use it.