Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Ep 6

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 6 of Survivor Heroes Vs Villains


  • I agree episode 6 was GREAT TV! After watching episode 7, it was awesome for Rob & Russell to go at it for round 2.

    Personally, I would have loved for this battle to have gone on longer, but kudos to both these competitors.

    Whoever wins this season, in my opinion Rob and Russell are the “best” Survivors so far. Only the results of this final council could be a possible tie-breaker in my mind.

    I’m also liking that Colby is managing to hang in there. I can’t help but admire when players become big targets and manage to stay in the game at least a little longer.

    Looking forward to Christiana and Mike’s next episode; you two rock! 🙂

  • roxan fox says:

    Great to have the podcast out earlier than usual…Ya’ll are great. I will try to write again because I am so sad about Rob going…but have to work on TAXES NOW!
    don’t see on this site a posting place for episode 7, so I am posting here !?!