Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Ep 7

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 7 of Heroes Vs Villains!


  • Justin in Rocester (soopafreak) says:

    C& M great show as always. I have always been a Boston Rob fan (he & Colby have always been my favorite of all time) and while I am sad to see him go I don’t feel the hate for Russel that a lot of people do. That said, it is ridiculous that there are people that have already put him as the BEST of ALL TIME

    First off let me say that Russel is a GREAT player, top 5 of all time for me but not best of all time. There is always a tendency to give the nod to what is more recent and fresher in the memory but as one that has seen every episode and seen the years of history of this show; I can’t say he is the best. Yes he just took 1 of my 2 favorites Boston Rob to school with his last play and it was Brilliant no question but if Russel played in the first 7-8 (or any pre-Hidden II era) he would not be what his is. That said, he does not have to apologize for playing the game in the state of evolution that it is but that and the fact that he is in a back to back situation is also a huge plus for him. If H vs V was say 2 years from now and people had seen SAMOA and how he played there i think things would be a bit different (now, Rupert had the same advantage in AS so it is not the first time). Flip side to my own argument just to hopefully show that I am not hatting on Russel and still feel he had mad game; I think that he was convinced that he won Samoa and is playing the same game and that again, had this been some time out he might also adjust his game for H vs V.

    At the end of the day for me it is like saying the Kobe or LeBron RIGHT NOW are better then Michael Jordan (which for me is Preposterous). Could one of those players eventually be the best of all time when there is a complete history to judge? Sure that is possible, and it is equally possible that Russel could go down as the best ever but I think it is way too soon to say that.

    As for the numbers on the votes cast by Coach. The number 4 then 18 and now a 1… correlating with the letters D R A, presumably to spell DRAgonslayer? If his next vote is a 7 I might be onto something. Either that or I am on something.

  • Shoey says:

    Hello Christiana and Mike,
    Love the podcast.
    Just wondering if you have seen Coach’s Ponderosa clips?
    They are very entertaining.


  • Don says:

    My condolences on the loss of the Dragonslayer. He was a great man, or so he told everybody.