Space Casey Episode 2

Last time, Casey got herself into a spot of trouble. This week, she discovers that it’s a BIG spot. Send feedback emails to: christiana (@), or leave a voicemail at 206-309-0913.

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Captain Spinderfly’s LEGO Stop-Motion Promo Video

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Laurence Simon’s 100 Word Stories

Cast for Episode 2:

Christiana Ellis as Casey

Laurence Simon as Karstoo

Wesley Clifford as The Ship Computer

Special Thanks to Jack Hosley for his help with the sound effects.

Additional sound effects from the Freesound Project.

Music for Space Casey Episode 2 includes:

“Headin’ Out” and “Surf Blaster” by The Vara-Tones

Space Casey was written and produced by Christiana Ellis and this recording is released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial, Share and Share Alike 3.0 license.


  • PaulW. says:

    Another great episode. Your dialogue is great. Not only is it well-written, funny and fast, but also the timing of the performances in both episodes so far is spot-on and natural-sounding. I don’t know how you did it. Good job!

  • DMofDoom says:

    Jim and Cath here loving the show! Keep it up Christiana! Oooh the frustrations of bureaucracy! Artificial Intelligence is often a relative term!

  • Criswell The Psychic Weatherman says:

    Apparently Captain SongJewel’s website has been hijacked by malware. Do not go there.