Space Casey Episode 3

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Wesley Clifford’s The Log of the Crimson Lien (Planet Retcon Radio)

Cast for Episode 3:

Christiana Ellis as Casey

Wesley Clifford as The Ship Computer

And Introducing Stripey as Himself

Special Thanks to Jack Hosley for his help with the sound effects.

Additional sound effects from the Freesound Project.

Music for Space Casey Episode 3 includes:

“Headin’ Out” and “Surf Blaster” by The Vara-Tones

Space Casey was written and produced by Christiana Ellis and this recording is released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial, Share and Share Alike 3.0 license.


  • osmia says:

    Yay!!!! We have been refreshing your page multiple (not admitting to how many times between my children and me 🙂 times to see if Ep#3 would be up tonight. We are soooo happy … and we are looking for your “Donate” button, but haven’t found it yet 🙁 We truly would like to express our great appreciation of your effort (imminently successful effort at that!) to bring that little bit of extra joy into our life, monetarily. Would you be so kind as to point us in the direction to do so!

  • Selganor says:

    Don’t ever scare me with such sound effects again. I was just walking through a park under a lantern when I heard this “clang” sound from above me and I thought something hit the lamp and it was crashing down on my any moment.

    Nice touch referencing the one of the teasers before the start of the book.

    If it were me in this situation (at least before the terrible creature appeared), I’d probably have taken another route, but maybe that’s too much “male intuition” (aka logic).

  • Karstoo says:

    Awesome. Well, except for a sudden lack of… well, ME.
    Still, awesome.