PodCastle 291: Seasonal Disorder

by Heather Shaw and Tim Pratt

Read by Christiana Ellis

A PodCastle Original!

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Pseudopod 316 – The Persistence of Memory

Original Post: http://pseudopod.org/2013/01/11/pseudopod-316-the-persistence-of-memory/

“The Persistence of Memory” by William Meikle.

“The Persistence of Memory” originally appeared in the collection DARK MELODIES (Dark Regions Press 2012). “Think of happy popular piano players/singers – Russ Conway, Liberace, Fats Waller, Fats Domino. And think of what’s behind the smiles.”.

William Meikle is a Scottish writer with fifteen novels published in the genre press and over 250 short story credits in thirteen countries. His work appears in many professional magazines and anthologies and he has recent short story sales to Nature Futures,Penumbra and Daily Science Fiction among others. He now lives in a remote corner of Newfoundland with icebergs, whales and bald eagles for company. In the winters he gets warm vicariously through the lives of others in cyberspace, so please check him out atWilliam Meikle.com. His Dark Regions Press collection DARK MELODIES (2012) is available now in hardcover and paperback – check it out here.

Your reader this week - Christiana Ellis - was last heard here reading PSEUDOPOD 268: Let There Be Darkness.

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Escape Pod #352 – Food for Thought

Originally posted at EscapePod.org!

By Laura Lee McArdle
Read by Christiana Ellis
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An Escape Pod Original!
All stories by Laura Lee McArdle
All stories read by Christiana Ellis
Rated 15 and up for explicit language

Food for Thought
By Laura Lee McArdle

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Pseudopod Narration – Let There Be Darkness by Mike Allen

(Original Post at Pseudopod.org)

by Mike Allen

Click his name to visit his website, DESCENT INTO LIGHT. Mike is also editor of the critically acclaimed CLOCKWORK PHOENIX anthology series and the long-running poetry journal MYTHIC DELERIUM. This story first appeared in Penny Dreadful, and was reprinted in the anthology THE BIBLE OF HELL and Mike’s poetry collection STRANGE WISDOMS OF THE DEAD. He is planning a collection of his horror stories, including this tale and previous Pseudopod submissions “The Button Bin” and “The Blessed Days”.

Read by Christiana Ellis, who recently read “Plus Or Minus” for ESCAPE POD.

“A day will come when the sun’s pale yellow stare starts to fill with the taint of blood.

Among the confused and tremulous hordes of mankind, amidst the endless processions of grand towers forged from metal stolen from the moon, I will walk. One knowing face, one unique being traversing the rivers of humanity that flood this world.”

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Escape Pod 299 – Plus or Minus

By James Patrick Kelly
Read by: Christiana Ellis
Originally appearing in Asimov’s
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All stories by James Patrick Kelly
All stories read by Christiana Ellis
Nominated for the Hugo Award for Novelette, 2011

Rated appropriate for older teens and up for sexual situations and violence.

Plus Or Minus

By James Patrick Kelly

Everything changed once Beep found out that Mariska’s mother was the famous Natalya Volochkova.   Mariska’s life aboard the Shining Legend went immediately from bad to awful.  Even before he singled her out, she had decided that there was no way she’d be spending the rest of her teen years crewing on an asteroid bucket.  Once Beep started persecuting her, she began counting down the remaining days of the run as if she were a prisoner.  She tried explaining that she had no use for Natalya Volochkova, who had never been much of a mother to her, but Beep wouldn’t hear it.  He didn’t care that Mariska had only signed on to the Shining Legend to get back at her mother for ruining her life.

Somehow that hadn’t worked out quite the way she had planned.

For example, there was crud duty.  With a twisting push Mariska sailed into the command module, caught herself on a handrail, and launched toward the starboard wall.  The racks of  instrument screens chirped and beeped and buzzed; command was one of the loudest mods on the ship.  She stuck her landing in front of navigation rack and her slippers caught on the deck burrs, anchoring her in the ship’s  .0006 gravity.   Sure enough, she could see new smears of mold growing from the crack where the nav screen fit into the wall.  This was Beep’s fault, although he would never admit it.  He kept the humidity jacked up in Command, said that dry air gave him nosebleeds.  Richard FiveFord claimed they came from all the drugs Beep sniffed but Mariska didn’t want to believe that.  Also Beep liked to sip his coffee from a cup instead sucking it out of a bag, even though he slopped all the time.  Fungi loved the sugary spatters.  She sniffed one particularly vile looking smear of mold.  It smelled faintly like the worms she used to grow back home on the Moon.  She wiped her nose with the sleeve of her jersey and reached to the holster on her belt for her sponge. As she scrubbed, the bitter vinegar tang of disinfectant gel filled the mod.  Not for the first time, she told herself that this job stunk.

She felt the tingle of Richard FiveFord offering a mindfeed and opened her head.  =What?=

His feed made a pleasant fizz behind her eyes, distracting her. =You done any time soon?=  Distraction was Richard’s specialty


=Didit is making a dream for us.=


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Death Traps – A short story by Christiana Ellis

In the Summer of 2010, my good friend Jared Axelrod asked me if I was interested in writing a story featuring Dr. Mercury, a marvelous super-villian created (or perhaps just discovered?) by his lovely wife J.R. Blackwell. The story would be part of a collection, offered as a birthday gift to her. I seized the opportunity, but what kind of story to write? After considering and rejecting several ideas, I eventually decided to try merging Dr. Mercury with a preexisting story idea I had about a super-villain engineer. The result turned out far different, (and far better!), than I’d ever imagined.

Dr. Mercury - A Spirit of Chaos

So here is the result: “Death Traps” written and read by Christiana Ellis, character of Dr. Mercury created by JR Blackwell.

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Requiem of the Outcast 0813: Dis-tropian Society


Dystopian Society.  Utopian Society. Information Society (it’s a band, look them up).  No one really knows what kind of society they’re in while they’re in it.  Just because you had a crappy day or the economy is bad, you may think you’re in a dystopian society when in fact you are in a Utopian Society like the Jetsons.  Except with people other than JUST WHITE PEOPLE.

Seriously. Go back and watch the Jetsons.  Only whities as far as the eye can see.

mmmm, I’d say that the Jetsons where actually very Dystopian. Way to white-wash the future both Hanna and Barbera!  Jerks.

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RotO 0812: A Very RotO Christmas ‘10

It’s Christmas! We at RotO hope you have a great one.

We have 12 Angry Elves, The Noir Before Christmas, plus Brian Blessed as a Christmas Tree! What more could you want?

Besides the pony.

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PodCastle 133: And the Blood of Dead Gods Shall Mark the Score

by Gary Kloster.
Read by Christiana Ellis.
Originally published in Fantasy Magazine.

Huck smiled, and his smile stretched the pink rift of scar tissue that ran up from the corner of his jaw, across the twisted pit of his ruined right eye and onto his broad forehead. Before Nikolai’s betrayal, Huck’s face had been sternly handsome and the blood tatted into his dark skin had shone like lightning. That tat’s magic had made him beautiful and terrifying, like a storm rolling, and with a look he could make all the world his bitch. Now, left with just the scar and the spark of rage that still burned in the depths of his remaining eye, he had to be content with just scaring people shitless.

“Tribals are crap, redneck poser ink. Do yourself a favor and piss off.”

Two minutes after Huck banged in and my only customer that whole damn day was sulking out, a black dot of ink no bigger than a pimple hidden beneath his shirt. “Follow him out, Huck,” I said as the door rattled shut and I trashed the ink that I’d laid out for the job. “We’re done, remember?”

Rated R for: violence, language and adult themes.

This week’s episode is sponsored by METAtropolis: Cascadia

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“Staying In Sync” – Guest Story for Nobilis Erotica

Hey everybody!

Nobilis asked me to be a guest host/author for his podcast, Nobilis Erotica!

I wrote this story, called “Staying in Sync”, but be warned, it IS explicit, so just be sure that you are of age, and enjoy that sort of thing before listening. Thanks!

But, assuming you do enjoy this sort of thing, then why not head over to Nobilis’s site and check out some of his work! He’s got tons of great content.

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