7th Son: Obsidian Promo

Hey everybody, Christiana here!

If you’re just dying for some more awesome scifi audiofiction, some of it by yours truly, then check out this promo for JC Hutchins incredible new anthology project: 7th Son Obsidian…

When the power fails … chaos reigns.

Author J.C. Hutchins has recruited the biggest names in podcast storytelling for 7th Son: OBSIDIAN, a fiction anthology “first-ever” in podcasting, including:

Each storyteller will spin a unique tale that takes place during the nationwide blackout seen in the 7th Son trilogy, featuring brand new characters and stories.

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Do it For the Sigler!

Hey there!

Yes, you there! I see you there without a copy of Scott Sigler’s Infected in your hands. What’s your problem?

Listen to this, then get ye to a bookery!

Space Casey Promo

Here it is, the official promo for Space Casey! Remember, episode 1 launches 11-28-07! Big thanks to Tee Morris for the gravelly gravitas!

“You win!” Space Casey Teaser 4

For crying out loud, ANOTHER teaser? When does the actual podcast start already? Well, I’m glad you asked, the answer is November 28th. Be there!

U-N-I 2.0! (Space Casey Teaser #3)

Wow! ANOTHER teaser? Jeez, you’d think people would be teased enough already, but apparently not. This one, however, actually gives the release date for episode 1, albeit in an obtuse, disguised fashion. Hallelujah, amen!

Space Casey Teaser 2

I continue to be “Mercilessly” coy with this teaser, though if you get this at the website, you already know what it’s for!

Space Casey Teaser

The Sound of Awesome begins… soon.


Nina Kimberly the Merciless Promo #5(full version)

Play it at parties to make friends and influence people!

Nina Kimberly Promo #5 (short version)

A shorter promo for those on the go!

Nina Kimberly the Merciless Promo #4

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