Shallow Thoughts #158 – Farewell to The Voice of Free Planet X

#158 – Farewell to The Voice of Free Planet X

You can find Jared’s archive (and future projects) at

Stories of the Third Wave #14 – “This Seventh City Life”

Mur Lafferty‘s brilliant new superhero novel “Playing for Keeps” comes to print on August 25th from SWARM Press, and on that day, you should buy it from to help her climb the charts. If you haven’t already listened, take it from me that it’s a top-notch story and well worth your time, and on the 25th, your money.

To promote the upcoming release, Mur has called upon the podcast community like a Disney Princess summoning her animal friends. The result? Stories of the Third Wave. The idea is to imagine radio shows or stories set in the Playing for Keeps universe. There have been some fantastic entries on the feed at and

This is my contribution: “This Seventh City Life” is a parody / loving homage to “This American Life” with Ira Glass on NPR. Paul Fischer, from the ADDCast, Balticon Podcast, and the podcast novel “Serve It Cold” joins me to tell the story of an artist working in a city of superheroes.


PodCastle PC017 – Goblin Lullaby by Jim C. Hines

I read a story called “Goblin Lullaby” by Jim C. Hines for Podcastle. Check it out!

PodioMediaChat Interview

Chris Moody over at Podiomedia Chat has intereviewed me! Check it out!

Note: File is m4a, not mp3, but there’s nothing but a picture of me on the video side.

UPDATE! Chris pointed out to me that there are more pictures in them thar m4a than just mine. Check em out!

The Voice of Free Planet X #145

Well, what do you know? The incredibly awesome Jared Axelrod has an interview with me in the latest episode of his daily podcast, The Voice of Free Planet X.

In it, we get into talk about the writing process, whether drama is harder than comedy, writing characters with non-conventional moralities, and even some tidbits about what I’ve got coming up!

After you listen, you should go on over and subscribe to Jared’s show as well. The Voice of Free Planet X is the daily show that inspired me to do my own daily podcast. He features fiction, music, interviews, discussion, and humor, a little bit of something every day! The topics may vary, but the awesomeness is constant! Check it out!

Parsec Awards

Attention Cadets!

The nomination process for the Third Annual Parsec Awards is currently ongoing here at the Parsec Awards site. Space Casey has already been nominated for the Best Audio Drama (Short Form), so this is not just a request for you to go nominate it yourself. Rather, the Parsec Awards are a really fun set of awards, and you should check out the nominations for all the categories and if one of your favorite shows hasn’t been nominated already, you can show them some love!

7th Son: Obsidian — Welcome to the Jungle!

Congratulations, cadets! By viewing this post, you have earned access to the limited edition Poster 10 of 14 in JC Hutchins’ exciting new promotional campaign for 7th Son: Obsidian. The full-size poster is attached to this post below, but here’s a thumb-nail so you can sneak a peek at the goodness you’re getting!


(Read all about where to get the other posters in the series below!)


Bring a piece of the nationwide 7th Son: OBSIDIAN blackout into YOUR world with these fourteen collectible propaganda posters! These high-resolution printable posters — which would appear in the 7th Son Universe during the blackout — reveal the horrifying circumstances in the U.S. during OBSIDIAN. Martial law has been declared. Looting is rampant. Chaos reigns. (Newcomers: subscribe to the OBSIDIAN podcast by clicking here, or catch up with the story by subscribing to the 7th Son podcast novel trilogy legacy feed.)


* J.C. Hutchins’ site, home of 7th Son: OBSIDIAN and the 7th Son podcast novel trilogy

* Science-fiction news blog

* Sci-fi book interview/review site and podcast Dragon Page Cover to Cover

* Video game news/review site and podcast Sarcastic Gamer

* Indie rock showcase podcast Accident Hash

* Science fiction podcast magazine Escape Pod

* Sci-fi short story podcast Variant Frequencies

* Website of New York Times bestselling novelist Michael A. Stackpole

* Website of bestselling novelist Scott Sigler

* Website of award-winning novelist Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff

* Website of award-winning novelist Mur Lafferty

* Website of award-nominated novelist Christiana Ellis

* Website of award-nominated novelist Tee Morris

* Website of author, podcaster and musician Matthew Wayne Selznick



7th Son: Obsidian Promo

Hey everybody, Christiana here!

If you’re just dying for some more awesome scifi audiofiction, some of it by yours truly, then check out this promo for JC Hutchins incredible new anthology project: 7th Son Obsidian…

When the power fails … chaos reigns.

Author J.C. Hutchins has recruited the biggest names in podcast storytelling for 7th Son: OBSIDIAN, a fiction anthology “first-ever” in podcasting, including:

Each storyteller will spin a unique tale that takes place during the nationwide blackout seen in the 7th Son trilogy, featuring brand new characters and stories.

Spread the OBSIDIAN meme! Please distribute this promo in your podcast, blog, MySpace and Facebook pages!

Do it For the Sigler!

Hey there!

Yes, you there! I see you there without a copy of Scott Sigler’s Infected in your hands. What’s your problem?

Listen to this, then get ye to a bookery!

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