Comics: “The Midas Flesh”

Let me tell you many things about an excellent comic book miniseries called: “The Midas Flesh”

1) It is a completed 8-issue comic book with a weird title.
2) It is about a universe where the story of King Midas is real (Everything he touches turns to gold, and everything that is touching what he’s touching), and then his dead body is exploited as a planet-killing super-weapon by both rebel forces and the authoritarian government in a galaxy-spanning conflict.
3) It is a fascinating physics/engineering thought-experiment about all the different implications and effects of Midas’s power.
4) It is a thoughtful exploration of the ethics of weapons of mass destruction.
5) It has a talking, nerdy, feathered velociraptor who wears a tie and glasses. He is the ship’s engineer, and one of the three primary characters.
6) The nerdy dinosaur has a tragic backstory.
7) The character roster on both sides of the conflict is diverse in race, gender, and species.
8) It has dialogue like: “Aw man, turns out I hate getting lied to by machines created by long-dead jerks!”
9) The story keeps raising the stakes without losing sight of the characters.
10) It has lots of cool spaceship action.
11) I LOVED this comic!
12) Find out more about it at

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