W100M – 52 – Taxi Driver — 51 – West Side Story

Christiana and Mike watch movies number 52 and 51 of the AFI’s Top 100 Movies

52 – Taxi Driver

taxi driver












51 – West Side Story

west side story


  • g2-9412afb6b652404c3f65011a1daae279 says:

    I considered sharing this before the episode was recorded, but another good review of West Side Story I can recommend is the Music Movies episode on it. http://blip.tv/pawdugan/wss-fix-6569019

    As for Mike’s comment on the whole “it’s dying dream” interpretation of the ending of Taxi Driver being nonsense, I couldn’t agree more. Maybe this has always been a thing and I only realized after getting on Tumblr, or maybe it’s a Tumblr thing, but it seems that every fandom has it’s wing that wants for whatever reason their TV series/book series/movies to somehow turn out to be the fantasies of an abused child, or someone’s dying dream, or the hallucinations of a kid in a coma. And it is annoying, and I hate seeing those come up on my dashboard. Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, Attack on Titan, Madoka Magica; it goes on and on and on and I just want to grab these kids (because they are mostly kids who do this) and yell at them “No! ‘It was all just a dream’ is stupid and statistically never works! Jacob’s Ladder, Brazil, and that one Futurama episode with the Space Bees are anomalies! And Inception doesn’t count because they tell you up front the story takes place in dreams! It’s in the trailer'” 9 times out of 10, when the “it was all a dream/inside this character’s head” twist is used, the proper audience reaction to that is, to steal a phrase from Doug Walker, “Oh fuck you movie!” That phrase was also the proper response to Star Trek Into Darkness but I digress. Honestly, I blame Hollywood as much as I blame Freud for perpetuating this pseudoscientific idea that dream interpretation is valid. I can forgive it up to a point (see the aforementioned Jacob’s Ladder), but most of the time it’s like dreams are this magical way that the human brain can solve all it’s problems without the aid of proper therapy at least and medication at most. No, what dreams usually are, is trying to find an unoccupied bathroom in an airport that looks like it was designed by Cthulhu that Taylor Swift drove you to for some reason.

    Can you tell I’ve had that rant bottled up for awhile? 😉

  • g2-9412afb6b652404c3f65011a1daae279 says:

    Oh, also, it occurs to me; this is the second movie on this list to feature Cybill Shepard, yet I imagine that if you mention to most people today, if they know her at all, they know her for Moonlighting. Not that that’s bad mind you, Moonlighting was awesome, but still. Just a random thought.