W100M – 54 – MASH — 53 – The Deer Hunter

Christiana and Mike watch movies number 54 and 53 of the AFI’s Top 100 Movies

54 – MASH


54 – The Deer Hunter deerhunter


  • g2-9412afb6b652404c3f65011a1daae279 says:

    I think it goes to show how iconic the Vietnam scenes of The Deer Hunter are that until you talked about the movie, I didn’t even know that so little of the screen time (relatively) of the film actually takes place there. To the best of my recollection, I’ve not seen any clips of the movie that take place in the states. I don’t even recall seeing any in the original AFI special, though then again that was 17 years ago. I wonder if anybody else who has seen the movie for the first time in recent years has been equally surprised.

  • chris pragman says:

    Thanks for resuming W100M!! Of your long-form podcasts, this and the oscars are my favorites. Often after listening to one of your W100M’s, I’ll take the movie out from the library and watch it again (or for the first time, depending). This has been a great way for me to discover movies that I’ve missed, and to see new insights into movies I’ve already seen.

    Keep it up!

  • aaforringer says:

    I just watched it a couple of years ago, but I recalled the deer hunting scenes, but for a totally personally reason, I grew up in PA, near where the some of the actual PA scenes were filmed. But there is no geography in PA that looks anything like the mountains they go hunting in. (hunting scenes were actually filmed in Washington State)

    In fact most of the city/town scenes were filmed in Ohio.