Talking About Survivor – Cagayan Ep12

Christiana and Mike discuss the penultimate episode of Survivor Cagayan!

Next time, on "Planet of the Mud People"...

Next time, on “Planet of the Mud People”…

One Comment

  • Michael Carrier says:

    Hello Christiana and Mike,

    I just wanted to chime in before the season ends to say thank you for the podcast. It’s been impossible to submit any thought provoking feedback in a season when every show has been entertaining because of the wackiness of the gameplay. Plus I don’t have the courage to attempt to one up the comic gold we’re getting each Wednesday night with a humorous submittal of my own. If I was to offer one complaint this season it would be about the verbal laziness by Mike this season. As a over the road truck driver I depend heavily on Mike’s word bombs to impress my fellow drivers while on breaks at various truckstops but none this season.

    I have appreciated the more open minded approach you guys have viewed Woo’s game this season. So many in the hardcore fanbase have taken such a mean spirited position on him as a Survivor player in my opinion.

    Well Christiana keep doing what you do when you do what you do so well and Mike let’s get back to doing what you did when what you did worked so well.


    Mike in Cleveland

    P.S. Loved the way you guys handled Mikko’s feedback.