Talking About Survivor – Blood Vs Water Finale!

Christiana and Mike wrap-up the finale of Survivor Blood Vs Water!


All right, you got me! This bow-tie is a clip-on.

All right, you got me! This bow-tie is a clip-on.

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  • Mike Kimura says:

    Happy New Year Christiana & Mike! Thanks for another great season of podcasts! Really enjoyed your Finale podcast. At the end you said you had heard there would be a 4th tribe “misfits”. I think you are confused by the many comparisons to Big Brother 11 with players grouped into one of four different cliques: popular, athletes, brainiacs and off-beats. From EW Dalton Ross’s article “‘Survivor: Cagayan’: Jeff Probst gives intel on NEXT season”

    “Premiering in February 2014, Survivor: Cagayan (which filmed last summer in the Philippines) will feature 18 new contestants divided into three tribes: one of brains, one of brawn, one of beauty”

    -MikeK from SoCal

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