Something Ventured, Nothing Gained S2E3 – Assassinanny 911

The boobs command you.

The boobs command you.

You're in the OSI now!

You’re in the OSI now!

Sorry about the long delay between episodes. It would delay this ep yet longer to fully explain why, but suffice it to say that the elaborate podcast notes are a casualty.

Better audio without notes than no episode at all, yes?

A re-watch of The Venture Brothers continues!

Join Christiana Ellis, Justin Diehl, and Jared Axelrod for a re-watch of the greatest cartoon ever!

In this episode, they continue Season 2 with: “Assassinanny 911”!

Music is “Found Friday” by Chooch Schubert

Find all things Jared Axelrod at

And Justin Diehl podcasts here.

Richard Green does geeky things here!

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