Talking About Survivor – Blood Vs Water Ep06

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 06 of Survivor Blood Vs Water!

One-Man Wrecking Ball


  • Mike C says:

    *(Christiana I don’t know if your a NBA fan and remember The Classic Iverson Practice meltdown if not here is the link it will help you get where I’m going with this opening paragraph.)*

    Hello Christiana and Mike,

    Illusory Correlation? Illusory Correlation? Y’all are talking Illusory Correlation? What the heck guys? You’re not talking the game, I’m not hearing about the blindsides, instead your talking Illusory Correlation. Really? I tune in to hear one of the premiere Survivor podcast and I get Illusory Correlation? Illusory Correlation? I know its a real condition, and I know people suffer from it but Illusory Correlation? I mean what are y’all talking about? Y’all are talking Illusory Correlation! Illusory Correlation people!

    Thank you Mike for dropping Illusory Correlation in the last podcast. First because i learned something having never heard the term before but secondly and most importantly giving me the opportunity to work a classic sports rant into a feedback. Just to reintroduce myself I have written in before to thank you guys for helping me get over my discomfort in watching Phillip play survivor last season. I’m the Survivor talk with D&D listener that was upset Christiana was no longer in the fantasy league since she was the only entry I finish higher than the season before.

    I didn’t watch the first four episode this season and never will because of a personal choice so I know I haven’t gotten the full picture of Brad and John in this season but I’m surprised by how many people are trying to paint them as simple minded people when their back stories tells you they are anything but. John is a graduate of The United States Service Academy and a doctor so we know he isn’t stupid and Brad is a Lawyer himself. I get they weren’t very good Survivor players but I also don’t get the feeling Survivor means that much to them personally. They both seem to just come along as the only reason their wives were recast in the first place. As an active duty Army Officer John had to feel he was playing this game with one hand tied behind his back anyways. His conduct at all times is up for review according to The Uniform Code of Military Justice so his style of play would be doomed of the start.

    Had her husband not been a former NFL player who was willing to come on the show Monica would have never been recast herself. Christiana you surprise me last week when Mike was trying to explain why Brad might struggle with numbers you seemed more interested in just taking shots at him instead. As I said I didn’t see the first four episodes but from what I did see of Brad I liked very much. Good sportsmanship and a graceful exit.

    With the exception of the Brad bashing I truly enjoyed the show and look forward to the rest of the season. So keep doing what you do when you do what you do so well.


    Mike C.

  • Michael from Sydney says:

    Do you guys think Vytas is a good guy or bad guy? He is playing an excellent social game but openly admits to camera that he is building relationships through manipulation. I am enjoying his game but can’t decide whether I am rooting for him or not…..