Survivor Caramoan Ep10

Christiana and Mike discuss the season that keeps on giving! Survivor Caramoan Ep10!


  • Kathy Z says:

    Erik did have a Stealth R Us name. He was the silent one, the keeper of secrets. “The principal responsibilities is [sic] to collect information and share it with the appropriate parties.” I think it was only in an extra scene on Phillip also described his costume – Erik was the only one with a cape and he had webbed hands.

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Yup! Phillip did anoint Erik “The Silent One” and Brenda “Serenity” in Episode 4 and as Kathy Z said there is an extra video with a lot more details. Also, Erik is quite an artist. He painted the merge tribe in the original Fans vs Favorites and this season too and he also painted the faces on the back of the flag. You can check out Erik’s artwork at:

    It was Andrea who came up for air in the middle of the platform in the final round of the Immunity Challenge while Brenda (whose left leg is injured pretty badly as she can barely walk/run on it) gave up after 2 rings and just stood by her pole and like Mike said Malcolm couldn’t even get out of the water to retrieve the 5th ring.

    Oh and Jeff misspoke when he said everyone’s chance to win improved 20% when Phillip dropped out since 2 of 5 would move on (40%) but when Phillip dropped out 2 of 4 would move on (50%) so a 10% improvement not 20%.

    Loved your analysis of Malcolm’s big move and agreed that it was more show than strategic since he ended up still down 6-3 in numbers and now without ANY idol. Stating the 3 Amigos were voting for Phillip made it easy for Stealth-R-Us member to stick with the split vote as none of them were in danger (except Phillip) of going home. They should have kept their target a secret to cause more scrambling/fracturing or announce they are voting for Andrea, Cochran and Dawn and watch the fireworks!