Talking About Survivor – Caramoan Ep09

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 09 of Survivor Caramoan!

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  • Richard Green aka Mainframe says:

    I just saw Survivor: Caramoan episode 10. WOW!! I don’t think I’ll ever forget this tribal council.

    Malcolm pulled off his big move. Cochran can’t believe he’s there for this one. Dawn was probably crying, Stealth R US are all whispering to figure out what to do now. Michael is all by himself in the jury looking like he’s at a hard rock concert.

    Kudos to Phillip for keeping his cool and advising that S R US keep to the plan. Better to clear out the idols than to leave Malcolm with one or more. Still it meant that Phillip was gone, but the only alternative that could have worked would have been for S R US to have all turned on one of their own with no time to discuss the options.

    With Phillip having been so pivotal in the game so far, who know how this is going to shake up the game?
    Malcolm might be able to pull over a couple of the shell-shocked to his alliance, or S R US may find a new leader from their ranks.

    The game is ON and this is the kind of stuff that we watch the show for. 🙂