Survivor Caramoan Ep03

Christiana and Mike discuss episode three of Survivor Caramoan!


  • Michael Carrier says:

    Hello Christiana and Mike

    While I have listened to your podcast for about a year now this will be the first time I have wrote in. Dwaine and David from Survivor Talk with D & D have often recommended your podcast and are the reason I found you guys in the first place. I was disappointed when I didn’t see Christiana’s entry into D & D’s fantasy pool this season seeing how I’m pretty sure she was the only person I finish higher than last season.

    The reason for my letter today, I mean other than to rub it in Christiana’s face that I beat her, was to compliment you guys for what I would consider the absolute best analysis of the Survivor character Shamar. Every podcast I have listened to has focus primarily on his oblivious bad behavior but not much deeper. I was also just as guilty. As a 46 yrs old African American male I saw Shamar as a racial embarrassment and was upset he was even casted. It was bad enough that Phillip was casted to play the fool on the favorite tribe but casting the lazy, irrational, possibly violent Black guy on the fans tribe seemed like over kill to me. I was raised to remember my action weren’t my own at any point of my life. How I acted reflected my parents home around family, my family when in my community, and my community when out in general public. This yoke has for the most part kept me on the straight path but I have rejected pasting that mind set onto my children. Unfortunately I haven’t manage not judging others by it. Shamar and Phillip to lesser degree bother me greatly. My anger toward them was allowing me to dehumanize them and not see Shamar as a seriouly flawed human in need of assistance. Your podcast cause me to take a deep look in the mirror and check myself.

    Shamar’s Survivor story is his own cross to bare. Anyone that would judge me by his behavior on TV wasn’t going to like me in the first place. For me not to consider his mental state was my error. While I want give him a past for his conduct on the Island I also will not be taking it personal either. By the way Mike’s point that while there were five people on that tribe that witness everything going on and still chose to still vote against Reynold was also missed by most other podcast.

    Keep doing what you do when you do what you do so well.

  • I can vouch for Mike Carrier. He is indeed a real “Mike” 🙂 A very funny and entertaining guy as well.

    Christiana, very funny… “I’m a Michael Magnet I guess” – I laughed pretty hard at that one. 🙂