Survivor Caramoan Episode 02

It’s honey badgers and Special Agents, as Christiana and Mike discuss episode 02 of Survivor Caramoan!

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  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Hi Christiana and Mike

    Good to hear you both again and the new web site looks nice!

    Some things Allie said in her interviews explains some of why things happened. She claims:

    o Allie did not make out with Reynold
    o Shamar was constantly fighting with Allie
    o The 4 Cool Kids were aligned with Laura and Matt so thought they had 6
    o At the Immunity/Reward Challenge Shamar refused to let Allie (a strong swimmer) do the raft portion as he insisted on having the 3 lightest women on the raft. This apparently turned into a heated argument with Allie that the Faves overheard.
    o The argument continued at camp and Reynold confronted Shamar to defend Allie
    o Allie says she knew about Reynold finding the idol and that Reynold said she could use it if she needed it
    o Allie says Sherri first saw that Reynold had the idol and told Laura about it
    o Allie says Reynold was sure they had Matt’s vote and that Shamar would get voted out so she didn’t ask for the idol even though she felt like she was going to get voted out
    o Allie was the biggest fan and most strategic person on their tribe, a big threat, and that’s why she was targeted.

    Of course this all could be revisionist history…

    Looking forward to your analysis of the next episode.

    MikeK from SoCal