Survivor Philippines Ep13 and Finale Part 1

Christiana and Mike discuss Episode 13 and begin their discussion of the finale! Part 2 to follow!

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  • You were talking about how the jury would’ve voted Denise over Malcolm, Dalton Ross asked Malcolm about that:

    EW: I was shocked to see the jury members at the reunion say they would have voted for Denise over you in the finals. I don’t buy that for a second.

    Yeah, so the honest truth right there is that before we went out there, Pete and Carter said “We’re gonna mess with Probst. We’re not gonna raise our hands when they ask that question.” Because they knew it was going to come up. Pete, Carter, and Penner were all in on not raising their hands for me when they would have. It’s absolutely true. They were just screwing around to enjoy themselves. If you go back and watch the finale — and I don’t know who goes back and actually watches the finale — but if you want to, just watch their faces and the things they were doing to the camera. They were out there just enjoying themselves and having fun at CBS’ expense.