Talking About Survivor – Survivor Philippines Ep08

Christiana and Mike discuss one of the best episodes of Survivor in a long time!


  • Hayden Saunders says:

    Like a Zombie to brains i was drawn to the comment section to just say that I am from Australia.

  • Laura says:

    Hi Christiana, hi Mike,

    this is Laura from Germany, I have written a couple of times during the last 10 seasons (damn, I’m getting old).
    I wanted to say how much I appreciate your podcast. It is so much fun and I like how detailed and accurate you two discuss the show.
    I actually wanted to write earlier when you were talking about the Jeff Probst Show. When I was in LA I got the chance to be in the audience (two former Survivor player have been there too, one was Gillian, the other one was on the show before I started watching). During a break Jeff said, that this season is really good and next season will be even better.
    And so far I think he is right. Last week has been so good and this week too. I did not like Penner in the beginning, but that changed, I’m starting to root for him. And also Lisa, she is very relatable, I mean, that I can relate to her and what she is thinking 😉
    Anyways, have a good day and thank you for your work!