Survivor South Pacific Episode 05

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 05 of Survivor South Pacific.



  • Hayden Saunders says:

    Hey C+M

    I think Ozzy forgot that last time he pulled the “free agent” stuff it was after
    the merge where that was actually a viable strategy for him. It is very disappointing
    that a 3rd time player of this game got so hot headed after TC. Sure he figured out
    it was dumb after the fact, but he took a long time to cool down.

    Back to the lame duel challenges. I am hoping that we get some more Final Immunity
    Challenges as the duels. 2 out of 4 so far. Fingers crossed for the final duel to
    be the final challenge from Vanuatu(drawn bows standing on stumps).

    I read in the pregame that Jeff said that every duel this season would be one on
    one so I feel like that Christine will not be around at the end so I am still
    not really invested in the redemption part of this game yet.

    Didn’t seem like Cochran, Dawn and Ozzy was their A-team for the first portion of
    the challenge, but they won so what do I know.

    I still think Mikayla had her head in the clouds. They haven’t shown any kind of
    strategy from Mikayla, not even approaching someone for an alliance or anything.

    I love it how Lil’Hantz takes a good episode and makes it a great episode, almost
    without fail.

    Keep up the great work you two,

  • Kathy Z says:

    Slightly off topic – Rupert Boneham is running for governor of Indiana.
    Thanks for the podcast! This is my fourth seasonnlistening. 🙂