Talking About Survivor – South Pacific Ep03

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 03 of Survivor South Pacific


  • Justin in Rochester (soopafreak) says:

    listing to the show you talked about up Yul and how he told people about the Idol in his season and addressed Ozzy having told one person but not everyone in this season. All fair points about Ozzy but keep in mind that when Yul had it the rules of playing the Idol were different and it was essentially a “get out of jail free” card in that the votes were read and then the question was posed to the person with the most votes if they had the idol and wanted to play it. Therefore in order to flush the idol there had to be a “super” majority to a) get the most votes onto the idol holder to make them play it and b) have enough votes to get the secondary target which is all but impossible if the person with the idol is either in control or semi control. As it was if people wanted to flush the idol there would need to be a sacrificial lamb to get the idol out and go figure nobody would volunteer to do that. Again, you points about when to tell people you have it are all valid but the Yul comparison is not entirely the same since the rules of how it was played were different.

    Great show as always.

  • Hayden Saunders says:

    Feelings as of episode 4:

    Hey C+M,
    I Feel this season’s opening has been on of the best of the last few seasons and I hope it continues.

    I am glad Stacy is out, she wasn’t really contributing to the entertainment so far aside from the “Original Batman” Sound effects which were mildly amusing. “Blam” “Pow” etc

    I am under the assumption that Mikayla is a dumb jock. She doesn’t seem particularly perceptive or very aware of the state of the game, as far as that they are showing through the edit anyways.

    I was a bit shocked by Edna, after Lil’ Hantz revealed to her that she was on the outs of the six, She took it well in person but when it came to her confessional it didn’t even seem like she even saw the possibility that this was going on.

    I like that Coach seems like he has grown in the game. I think he identified that he needs to treat Lil’ Hantz completely differently to a your typical player in this game.

    Keep up the good work, Hayden.

    PS I still have my fingers crossed for a mixup. Even if it unseats some interesting characters, It makes for a more interesting post merge, and final vote – Puts a more interesting tribal dynamic into the game and lessens the chance of a “Old Tribe” voting block in the final tribal council.