Talking About Survivor – South Pacific Ep1

Christiana and Mike discuss the premiere of Survivor South Pacific!



  • Diplomatic Spouse says:

    I was so happy to see your first podcast of the new Survivor season show up in iTunes. I had begun to worry that you might be too busy to continue the show, and even though I couldn’t blame you for that, I felt so bereft at the thought of going through the new season without your excellent insights and commentary. I haven’t even listened to the new episode yet, but I’m already smiling and happy just knowing you’re back, so thanks.

  • Laura says:

    Yay, nice to hear your podcast and to know that you’re back.
    I listen to you since season 15. And I like what you have to say. Thank you for your work.
    When it comes to survivor, I hope it will be more interesting than last season. But maybe I didn’t like because I didn’t like rob. I kinda think it’s cool that coach is back, he is entertaining but also very chilled. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

    Greetings from Germany 🙂


  • Hayden Saunders says:

    Hey C+M,
    Enjoyed the first episode, was getting worried after a few days but was very happy when the new episode came up!

    I am enjoying the season so far, I am a of two minds about the new Coach attitude though. Although I am happy to see him keeping the DragonSlayer persona under control so he can go farther in the game, I miss the ridiculous awesome Coach moments we were given in the past.

    It seems they are still doing a bad job with the idols, the clue was basically “There is a hidden idol at your camp” I was hoping that the clue would be a necessity to finding the idols and that they would be hidden similarly to idol idols in China, in plain sight but not obvious, or at the very least buried so you cant just stumble onto them.

    Lastly, I have a opinion on why Stacy/Christine didn’t vote together on the Christine vote. They actually planned to vote Mikayla going into that tribal council, but Coaches calling them out caused them to scramble and move away from that plan. That would be why they through their votes away anyway. (Which i still think is a bad strategy – vote for the other person in case its a split vote so you have more of a chance, Christine as a fan should know this)

    Looking forward to the next show, Hayden

  • Hayden Saunders says:

    Also it looks like they have Bob Crowley on staff this year making the “Hidden” Idols. They look very arts and crafts’y

  • Nigel says:

    At this point, Brandon’s the most fascinating character because of his internal conflicts combined with his average to high strength in the social and physical aspects of the game.

    The conflict at Brandon’s center, between cunning and ruthless self-promoting deceptiveness, on the one hand, and fidelity to some higher order of ethical values seems to strike right at the heart of the two main ways that people tend to approach this game.

    It’s not a choice between self-interest and non-self-interest. In a game in which the main goal is ‘survival’ self-promotion and self-interest go without saying.

    Any viable player in this game will inevitably form strategic and, ultimately, temporary social alliances in an attempt to reach the end stage.

    It’s more about one’s approach to self-interest and self-promotion.

    Coach is, for me, the second most fascinating (read: conceptually interesting) player. So, I’m very glad that Coach and Brandon have wound up on the same team.

    Within the defined conditions of the game, Coach is attempting to innovate some kind of enlightened self-promotion and self-interest, based it seems on some sort of ethical counterpoint between loyalty and honesty.

    This is particularly interesting because most spheres of the non-Survivor world do not contain such purified and explicit rules determining success and failure. In the real world, the rules are negotiable and shifting.

    I suspect that if Coach could come on this show 9 or 10 times, he’d eventually evolve a pretty interesting and maybe even solid way of dealing interpersonally.

    there’s one species of player in this game that likes to use the word ‘honor’ a lot. Both Coach and Brandon belong to that species.

    Thing is that there’s not just one kind of honor. Each kind of honor seems to be based on its own rules for what is or isn’t acceptable.

    Some forms of honor just wouldn’t be able to survive in Survivor.

    other interesting things:

    1) the Conan throat yawning thing in the music at ep.2 Tribal Council. Wish I could do that.

    2) Stacey’s being from a racially informed American sub-culture that has given her speech and behavior patterns that are in humorous counterpoint to most of the other players. It’s borderline taboo for any of them to comment on it, but it’s pretty funny to watch from the outside.

    3. When Sophie appeared and started commenting about Brandon’s issues with Mikayla(sp?), I was like, ‘wait a minute, who’s that?’ She hadn’t seemed to get much airtime before, which made it seem that she’d just wandered along and joined the game or something.

    4. Brandon’s creepy form of sexist projection onto Mikayla is almost pitiably cliched. You just want to plug him into one of those Matrix machines so he can get caught up. [‘No, Brandon! That form of sexism is obsolete. You need to upgrade to one of the more contemporary versions!’]

    In closing, good to have you back! Really like your approach to the podcast.