Survivor Nicaragua Ep14 – Talking About Survivor

The last episode before the finale on Sunday!


  • Shoey says:


    If Chase makes it to the end the only votes I can see him receiving are from NaOnka and Holly (if she is on the jury), I think Chase has as much a chance of wining as Dan does.

    Also if Fabio and Dan had sided with Jane it wouldn’t have mattered because Jane voted for Sash.

  • Shoey says:


    You guys will probably discuss the episode so I will just give you some trivia.

    In the finale Benry, Kelly S, Jill, Yve and Tyrone all didn’t get asked a question. Probst could have asked them questions if he wasn’t talking to Jimmy J’s friend and letting Chase sing (it gave me flashbacks of Sekou Bunch from Cook Island singing).

    Redemption Island has been used in foreign versions of Survivor (Survivor Israel and Philippines).

    Also here is the complete list of the number the confessionals everyone had including the recap.

    Jud 40
    Chase 36
    Sash 30
    Holly 33
    Dan 17
    Jane 28
    Benry 18
    Kelly S 6
    NaOnka 50
    Brenda 28
    Marty 39
    Alina 21
    Jill 15
    Yve 6
    Kelly B 7
    Tyrone 10
    Jimmy T 14
    Jimmy J 11
    Shannon 7
    Wendy 2

    Just two questions for you two:

    Were the jury too harsh on Sash?
    Do you agree with Dalton Ross the Survivor Nicaragua is the worst season of Survivor? If not, in your opinons what is?