Survivor Nicaragua Ep10 – Talking About Survivor

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 10 of Survivor Nicaragua


  • Shoey says:

    “And Purple Kelly finally has something to say”.

    That was the best line of the recap.

  • Shoey says:


    A little bit of trivia:
    -This is the first season to have two people quit, let alone have them both quit in the same episode.
    – This is the first episode of the season where every contestant spoke.

    I think Kelly and NaOnka quitting is why Kelly was given next to no screen time and NaOnka was shown as overly emotional.

    “I have nothing left to suck”. I’m going to miss listening to Purple Kelly’s confessionals.

    I think they should make a new rule where if you quit you don’t get to be in the jury. I would hate to think that someone who deserves to win, loses the game because NaOnka and Kelly vote for Dan.

    I’ve been counting everyone’s confessional and Kelly has had six confessionals and lasted 28 days. While Shannon had seven confessionals and only lasted 6 days. I found this funny.

  • NaOnka is not my hero …. but then again I’m pretty sure she REALLY doesn’t care. 😉

  • Shoey says:

    I made a mistake. In Survivor All-Stars there were two people to quit. But they both quit for personal reasons which is why I think I forgot about them.