Extra Shallow Thought #22 – Sandwiches


  • Hannah says:

    Loving the extra shallow thoughts – thank you 🙂

  • C-Dawg says:

    Aw man, a classic. I can just see Maverick, pulling off his O2 mask, reaching down into a small cooler, unwrapping a paper package and chowing down on a nice roast beef & swiss right after buzzing the tower… and Goose, of course, is enjoying a nice Italian beef sandwich with hot peppers, jus dripping off his chin and onto the radar console… Sweet, Christiana! Thanks for sharing… this is one of those keepers… 🙂

  • When faced with the improbable circumstance of having too many sandwiches; it just means it is time to share some sandwiches and spread the joy. *WIN-WIN!* 🙂