Survivor Nicaragua Ep06 – Talking About Survivor

It’s that time again, as Christiana and Mike discuss the sixth episode of Survivor Nicaragua!


  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Loved the podcast! However, I think you both misheard Marty’s comment about the idol. Here’s a transcript:

    Marty Confessional: It’s a very, very calculated decision to play or not play the idol. My gut is telling me they will vote for Jane. So… hang on to it. It would only buy me one more tribal council anyways. But… it could very well be me going home tonight if I make the wrong decision.

    Marty just meant if he plays the idol he is safe for just this Tribal Council not that it is only good for one more Tribal Council. I’m pretty sure both idols will be good into the merge which is probably next week.

    Pretty sure Marty and Jill thought they had enough votes to take out Brenda with Jane and possibly Fabio or Kelly B’s vote. There is a an extra scene of Marty & Jill talking with Kelly B. about the vote and they thought Jane was with them.

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Since neither of you watched the Pearl Islands season, this is how the awful Outcast twist worked…

    Outcast Twist

    On Epiosde 7 (Part 1) of Survivor Pearl Islands the first six voted off (3 from Drake and 3 from Morgan tribes) formed a third “Outcast” tribe. Drake and Morgan each with five members would compete in an Immunity Challenge against the six member Outcast tribe. Any tribe that finished behind the Outcasts must go to Tribal Council and vote out a member. The Outcasts will then hold a special Tribal Council in which they will vote members back into the game, enough to replace each person that just left. In addition, those Outcats returning will be given automatic immunity for the next Tribal Council to allow them to integrate back into the game. If the Outcasts finished last, then Drake and Morgan will be safe, and all six Outcasts leave the game permanently.

    The Outcasts finished first sending both Drake and Morgan to separate Tribal Councils to vote someone out (Drake voted out Shawn, Osten QUIT from Morgan).

    Then in the beginning of the next episode the Outcasts went to Tribal Council and voted for 2 people to go back into the game. Burton and Lil were voted back into the game randomly ending up in their original tribes (Burton on Drake and Lil on Morgan). Burton finished 5th. Lil (the Boy Scout Scoutmaster) made it to the Final 2 by winning the last immunity challenge (balancing on a wobbly floating platform) over Jonny Fairplay and Sandra Diaz-Twine. Sandra won 7-1 over Lil.

    You can watch Episode 7 Part 1 & 2 here:

    Survivor: Pearl Islands Episode 7 Part 1

    Survivor: Pearl Islands Episode 7 Part 2
    (Start of Immunity Challenge)

    Survivor: Pearl Islands Episode 7 Part 3
    (End of Immunity Challenge)

    Survivor: Pearl Islands Episode 7 Part 4
    (Drake & Morgan Tribal Council – Osten QUITS!)

    Survivor: Pearl Islands Episode 7 Part 5
    (Osten Quits! Morgan Tribal Council )

    Survivor: Pearl Islands Episode 8 Part 1
    (Outcast Tribal Council)

    Survivor: Pearl Islands Episode 8 Part 2
    (Outcast Tribal Council Votes Lil & Burton back in)

  • Don says:

    Also, the two young girls (Michelle and Nicole) in the outcast tribe voted Lil back into the game because they said she was horrible to be around and was ruining their time at Ponderosa.

  • Shoey says:


    Kelly finally talks.
    “Milk your own milk.”

    Did you feel that some of the La Flor members were trying to throw the challenge? (Sitting out Sash)

    I guess Fabio and Marty aren’t in an alliance.

    A merge is next week, the two who seem the most in danger are Alina and Marty.

    I was just wondering which seasons of Survivor have both of you seen?


  • Don says:

    In his recap this week Dalton Ross broke down the decision of Marty to give Sash the idol:

    There is no way in hell Sash ever gives that idol back. Which means that the upside for Marty to give it up is ZERO. Look at the two possible choices. Choice #1: Marty keeps the idol, uses it, and then is safe for 3 more days with no idol. This is guaranteed. Choice #2: Marty gives Sash the idol and then one of two things happens. In a worst-case scenario, Sash and company vote Marty out immediately. As we’ve stated, no way Sash actually gives back the idol, so now in a best-case scenario, Sash does not vote out Marty immediately, and Marty is still in the game, but now his enemies have the idol. The bottom line: The BEST case scenario in choice #2 is actually worse than the guaranteed result of choice #1.

    There was actually one thing Dalton forgot to mention, if Marty plays the idol recent history shows that producers probably would have re-hidden the idol, so he could have had a 1 in 6 chance of finding the new idol.

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    @Don: I forgot about why they voted Lil back in!

    @Shoey: Kelly’s extra clips are pretty similar to “Milk your own Milk!”

    YES! I thought La Flor threw the immunity challenge! 2 cheerleaders (Brenda & Kelly S) figuring out physics?!!

    I agree that Marty and Alina are in BIG danger.

    @Don: I read Dalton’s blog. There is no guarantee it would be re-hidden and with merge next week there probably would not be an opportunity to get it back whereas there is a chance (albeit small) that Sash would keep his word if “they” lost the immunity challenge but now that there is a merge I think Sash will say we are no longer La Flor so the deal is off.