Survivor Nicaragua Ep02 – Talking About Survivor

Christiana and Mike discuss episode 02 of Survivor Nicaragua!


  • Kathy Z says:

    I’m not a regular Survivor watcher, but I’ve caught a season here or there. I was in a Heros vs. Villians survivor pool, but wasn’t able to watch on Thursday nights. Like Valentine, I listened without watching last season.
    I’m watching this season, and have Jimmy J and Sash in the pool. Some of my pool-mates said that Jimmy J was making public appearances while Survivor was still filming. Have you guys heard anything about that?

  • Kathy Z says:

    I guess I have my answer to the last question. 🙂 Come on Sash!

  • Hey guys.

    Here are some comments about Episode 3.

    In these opening credits Jud’s name did not appear at all. I don’t know exactly what is going on with that.

    I was wondering if either of you read Jeff Probst blog. He was really mad at NaOnka and Marty. This leads me to think that neither one of them will be the winner.

    Question for you guys: Do you think they are going to have a tribe swap? (It will give Probst more incentive to say the actual tribe names)

  • roxan fox says:

    hey…no podcast? hope everything is ok. when does Mike leave. Missed you this week.

  • Shoey says:

    Hope you guys are still doing the podcast.
    I saw on an ad that showed who was on which tribe because of the tribe swap.
    So if you guys don’t want to know then don’t read the next bit.

    La Flor:
    Kelly B
    Kelly S


    I’m not sure which tribe Jill is on but she is probably on La Flor to even out the tribe numbers.

    Here is the link to the Survivor ad I saw. It also has the challenge that they are doing and Benry has his first confessional.

    Do you think NaOnka and Marty brought their hidden immunity idols to the other camp?

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Christiana & Mike: Missed your podcast last week!

    Shoey; Jill is on La Flor, you can see her in the challenge on the La Flor tribe. Must be 2 Females from each tribe pick one person from the other tribe. Then those people choose someone from the other tribe, etc.

    Yeah, Benry finally gets his FIRST confessional but Kelly Shinn still has NOT had a confessional.

    Oh and it shows NaOnka breaking down and wanting to quit (as does and Extra Clip). And it shows Marty trying to take over La Flor and Brenda not liking that one bit.

  • Christiana says:

    Hey everybody! Sorry for the lack of an episode last week. Mike has made his move to the UK, and we just couldn’t fit the recording into that schedule, but we plan to do a double-episode this weekend! 🙂

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    Hope Mike had a good move to the UK and has found a way to watch Survivor! Looking forward to the Double episode!

  • MikeK from SoCal says:

    By the way, my “boss” (DIRECTV CEO Mike White) is on Undercover Boss tonight at 9pm (8pm c) after The Amazing Race!