100-Ben-Hur and 99-Toy Story – Watching 100 Movies

Christiana and Mike begin their journey to watch the AFI’s Top 100 Movies with…

#100 – Ben-Hur

#99 – Toy Story

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  • robin says:

    a perhaps unimportant point but i am always annoyed with doc/xls/docx/xlsx formatted files, simply because it forces me to use a product i have no intention of buying(again), there are plenty open alternatives to go with and unless you have some fancy formulas etc in there even a csv file would do.
    otherwise i prefer openoffice for editing, and pdf if it isn’t meant to be edited.

    and i hope to see some more merciless Casey!!


  • Christiana says:

    Never let it be said that I do not care for my listeners unimportant points! 🙂
    Open Document Spreadsheet version here. I don’t use open Office though, so let me know, does this version work?